Writing workshops

Whether you are an experienced writer or someone approaching writing for the first time, these fun, dynamic workshops have something for everyone

  • Health professionals
  • People seeking to use writing to assist with living with illness or disability
  • Anyone interested in having fun with writing

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Hilton's writing workshop is fun, inventive, and energising. With an emphasis on the enjoyment of writing, the series of exercises make it impossible not to get excited about writing again. Two things make Hilton's workshop stand out from the many excellent courses offered at the Byron Writer's Festival: firstly, the sheer amount of writing you will effortlessly generate on the day; and secondly, there is no bias toward any genre or style of writing - you are free to respond to each of the prompts with prose, poetry, or non-fiction. We had writers of all genres, and all levels of experience in the workshop, with each of us finding exciting new directions and stimulation from the exercises. If you're looking to rediscover the joy of writing, don't hesitate to do Hilton’s workshop.   

              Mitchell Kelly, wild-life film maker, writing workshop junkie

"Hilton was a wonderful supportive GP supervisor and was the reason I chose the Northern Rivers for my GP training.  As a Medical Educator, he was innovative and many trainee GPs gained a lot from his writing workshops at training weekends.  He used creative starters to get us writing poems and short passages.  We all loved the feeling of casting off the shackles of 'not being able to write' and actually producing something interesting in a short period.  The workshop was also useful as a debrief about stressful clinical scenarios and relationships.  I was fortunate to attend another workshop with Hilton, this time in Lennox Head.  We were a small group of doctors and we worked together to write a play about a clinical scenario.  Once again, it was so liberating, and the script was even published in an international journal!"

Dr Zewlan Moor, GP, Brisbane www.byronbibliotherapy.com