Previous events

Too late, you've missed out on these presentations but contact Hilton if you'd like more information.

Metaphor Magic: A Recipe for Transformation - Experiential workshop, Whole Person Congress, Mc Gill University, Montreal, Canada

Transforming Challenging Emotions into Creative Radiance - Experiential workshop

Improv' your writing - Workshop, The Examined Life Conference, Iowa, USA

How creative and reflective writing changed my life. Writing for non-writers 2 day workshop, The Examined Life Conference, Iowa, USA

"Enduring Witness" - A book in hand play performance Keynote address, The Examined Life Conference, Iowa, USA

Transforming challenging patients into interesting people with the magic of reflective writing- RANZCP Annual Congress, workshop

Caring for colleagues.  Caring for ourselves – Workshops, Doctor's Health Advisory Service, NSW

Improv' your writing - Workshops, Byron Writers Festival

The doctor as person - Humanity in medicine - Keynote address

Exploring spiritual dimensions in palliative care - Keynote address

Identification, diagnosis and management of dementia - Workshops, Dementia Training Australia

Identification, diagnosis and management of dementia: A teacher-training masterclass - Workshop and webinars

A person centred approach to medical education - Workshop

Storytelling for non-storytellers: - Workshop 

A narrative approach to medical education - Workshop

Turning challenges with learners into opportunities for change - Workshop

Whole Person Medical Education – Workshop

Having fun with role plays - Workshop

The Hero’s Journey of the Healer - Workshop

Exploring doctors' experience of death and dying - Workshop

"During my final year of study as an occupational therapist I attended a multidisciplinary pain management conference facilitated by Hilton. Hilton opened the day with a story and managed both to ground theory in the personal, and to give the whole audience an experience in common at the start of the day. Hilton has an uncanny knack of delivering complicated information in an easy to access manner which is grounded in the acknowledgement that we all have our own story."                                                Maria Kirstens, Occupational therapist

"Hilton was a wonderful, supportive GP supervisor and was the reason I chose the Northern Rivers for my GP training. As a Medical Educator, he was innovative and many trainee GP Registrars gained a lot from his writing workshops at training weekends. He used creative starters to get us writing poems and short passages. We all loved that feeling of casting off the shackles of "not being able to write" and actually producing something interesting in a short period. The workshop was also useful as a debrief about stressful clinical scenarios and relationships. I was fortunate to attend another workshop with Hilton, this time in Lennox Head. We were a small group of doctors and we worked together to write a play about a clinical scenario. Once again, it was so liberating, and the script was even published in an international journal!"  

                 Dr Zewlan Moor, GP, Brisbane